Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Was THAT Woman

It’s been quite a wild past few days in our house. Not that it’s ever really calm around here, but it’s been crazy even for us. Saturday afternoon, Burge discovered water running out from under our outside cellar door, only to open it and find our cellar floor covered in about 2 inches of water. Hello, busted water heater!

Sunday is a bit of a blur, partly because it was so jam-packed with activities and partly because of the ice cold morning shower that I had to take that completely shut down my brain. I drew the line at washing my hair in cold water. Fortunately, I had my hair cut and colored on Saturday, and since I am very much okay with second day hair, I went with it.

Thankfully, we were able to have a new water heater installed on Monday afternoon. Monday nights are usually my weekly grocery store runs because for some reason, after the weekend we are normally out of milk and bread. Well, last night there were some bad storms predicted for our area, and I didn’t really relish the thought of loading my groceries in the car during a thunderstorm. So, after I picked Abby up from school and the new water heater was installed, I decided I would take both kids with me on the grocery run. I also decided to stop in K-Mart to peruse the clearance toys that are 50% off this week. With both kids. By myself.

On the plus side, the kids picked out several birthday and Christmas gifts for themselves that I really hope they forget about by the time their birthdays and Christmas roll around. On the downside, by the time we actually made it to the grocery store, the adrenaline of picking out new toys that they couldn’t immediately play with had worn off and they were cranky and hungry, and their pregnant mama was cranky and hungry. And, let’s keep in mind that I had not had a shower yet, because silly me, I like some at least warm water, and was now on three day hair, which I am not nearly as okay with as second day hair, and no make-up.

And to just get a complete picture of what we really looked like, Abby was still in her school clothes that were not exactly clean, and Grayson had on play shorts, a t-shirt and knee-high Spiderman slipper socks, pulled all the way to his knees, with his ratty play shoes on. There are just some battles not worth fighting, am I right? The Spiderman slipper socks fell into this category. Anyway, we were a motley crew to say the least.

So, we hurried our way through the grocery store and our list, only to be held up at the checkout with a wrong price. Now, I don’t care how hungry and cranky we are, nobody’s going to overcharge me five dollars without an argument. That is a battle worth fighting.

By the time we got back in the car to finally head home, we were well overdue for supper, and all three of us were exhausted. It was only then that I happened to glance down and notice that I had a big old stain on my shirt too. I just sighed as I realized… you know that white trash pregnant woman with umpteen kids who hasn’t brushed her hair and has on ratty, stained clothes that you see in your grocery store? The ones that wind up on that People of Wal-Mart website? Yeah, I was her. Sigh. Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow.

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