Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Lazy Days of Summer

Wow, is it August already? And does school really start back next week? Craziness! Where did the summer go?

Well, I have some idea where it went.

We’ve watched some reality TV. While I am slightly embarrassed to admit to watching CMT, I am loving Sweet Home Alabama and Texas Women. Neither are exactly rocket science, but they make for some great 4 A.M. viewings while feeding a baby. And then of course, there have been the old favorites, Food Network Star (Go Vic!), Celebrity Rehab, The Bachelorette (Woo-hoo, JP!) and Teen Mom. And why exactly I would be embarrassed to admit that I’ve been watching CMT, but not embarrassed to publish this laundry list of bad reality shows that I happily watch, even DVR to be certain I don’t miss anything, I’m not sure. But that’s just how I roll. The reality shows? They just suck me in.

We’ve gotten hooked on Friday Night Lights on Netflix. We are currently deep into season two, and let me just say… BEST. SHOW. EVER. MADE. Seriously. I want to be friends with Eric and Tammy Taylor. I think they would be awesome to hang out with and play Catchphrase. And I want to pull Tim Riggins aside and tell him that he really needs to learn to like himself a little more. He has so much potential. Same thing with Tyra Collette. Wasted potential. And is it just me or does Landry look a lot like Maci’s boyfriend, Kyle on Teen Mom? Or maybe I just watch too much TV. In my defense, I have spent a lot of time on the couch this summer. But for good reason.

Because I birthed this awesomely sweet baby boy in June.

Photo Jul 26, 12 47 43 PM

Finn’s young life, as captured by my iPhone…

Day 1

Photo Jun 15, 7 52 41 PM

Week 1

Photo Jun 22, 5 37 43 PM

Week 2…sporting the “Old Man forehead”

Photo Jun 30, 11 43 30 AM

Week 3

Photo Jul 06, 12 10 38 PM

Week 4

Photo Jul 12, 7 18 26 PM

Week 5

Photo Jul 26, 12 48 02 PM

And all 3 kids in week 6…

Take 1…

Photo Jul 31, 8 08 18 PM

Take 2…

Photo Jul 31, 8 08 25 PM

Third times a charm…

Photo Jul 31, 8 08 29 PM

So, yeah. I guess I do know where the summer’s gone. And I’ve been kinda busy…


  1. I can tell you things get better for Tyra and worse for Tim but you still really like them by the end of the show. And you are right, Landry does look like Maci's boyfriend. I hadn't noticed that before now.

  2. He's precious! Congratulations!!

  3. OHHHH!!! Congrats! I can totally see where your summer has gone...and happily so!!! What a beautiful baby boy (all the kiddos are beautiful)!!! What a proud momma you must be! Hugs and blessings, G!! :)


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