Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011


We always have a very low-key Christmas around here. We don’t have family that we visit out of town, so usually we just hang out at home and then have lunch on Christmas day at my parents’ house. This year was no different.


And because I’ve come to realize that every family does Christmas just a little different, let me explain how we do it. The kids ask Santa for two or three things they would most like, and then Burge and I give them surprises. Santa does not wrap his gifts, but Mom and Dad do. That way, they get the best of both worlds… they get the joy of waking up to new toys already out of the packages, ready to play with and the joy of unwrapping things that they didn’t know they were getting.


Grayson asked Santa for a Nintendo DS, some games and an Optimus Prime Fire Station. And, for the record, I have no idea why his shirt is pulled up. Maybe he got hot while he was sleeping? I don’t know.


Abby asked for a “Nook in color”, some books and games on the Nook, and a Lalaloopsy Silly Hair doll. She is currently trying to build a Lalaloopsy family. She got a Toys ‘R Us gift card for her birthday, and is constantly hounding me to take her, so she can add another member to the family.


And Finn was just glad to be there. Santa brought him an activity walker and a racetrack. Santa failed to test the racetrack when he set it up the night before because he was afraid the noise would wake the kids. This was unfortunate because the racetrack, while it had sound, did not actually move. Christmas fail. This sent Santa into a Christmas day frenzy because he could not remember where exactly he purchased the racetrack, and was really afraid that he might have ordered it from Amazon. And the thought of having to return something to Amazon made him break out in a sweat in his jolly red suit. Fortunately he ordered it from K-Mart, and the day after Christmas, a replacement racetrack was secured.


In what will come as a shock to no one who knows Grayson, Santa brought him a Superhero Squad game for his new blue DS.


And he loaded Abby’s new Nook with Angry Birds and Nancy Drew. And we didn’t see or hear from Abby for the rest of the day.


Santa gave Finn some little animals in his stocking that are perfect for putting into a teething baby’s mouth. Apparently, the rhino is saying something shocking to him.


The fire station that we have all heard about non-stop since October. He carried around a toy catalog for months, telling anyone who would listen that Santa was going to bring him this for Christmas.


Thank goodness, Finn’s walker was completely operational.


Clearly, this was not Abby’s favorite gift.


Iron Man!

And now, a Christmas story in pictures. I like to call it “All I Want for Christmas is to Eat a Bow”, starring Finn Lane.


“Oh, what is that?”


“Shiny! I wonder how it tastes…”


“Nom, nom, nom.”


“Pmpth! I’ve had better.”

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