Monday, January 16, 2012

Highs and Lows

This week was full of highs and lows.
High: Alabama won their 14th National Championship!  And I watched the whole thing!  One of my many quirks is not being able to sit and watch a really close ballgame.  But I had pretty much convinced myself that the Tide wasn’t going to win (I know, I know, oh me of little faith), so I had kind of detached myself from the situation. And imagine my glee when they not only won, but completely shut out LSU!
Low: Grayson came down with strep throat on Wednesday. Finn’s nose started running on Friday.  My sinuses went cuckoo on Saturday.  Burge and Abby better watch out.  Their health is a ticking time-bomb at this point.
High: Finn turned 7 months old on Sunday. Snotty nose and all…
Low: I did not leave the house except to take Abby to school and pick her up from school from Tuesday until Friday.  And let me assure you, that was quite evident by my appearance.
High: We got some long-awaited projects completed and jump-started my plans to redo our master bedroom.  Because I am nothing if not trendy, we are going with a gray and yellow color palette.
This is the bedding I’ve picked out from…
Lush Decor Silver Venetian 4-piece Comforter Set
And I like these fabrics for drapes, accent pillows, etc…
Premier Prints Ozborne Slub Yellow
Premier Prints Barber Slub Yellow/Taupe
Premier Prints ZigZag Slub Yellow/White
So, there’s our week in a nutshell.  At least it started on a high and ended on a somewhat sickly high.


  1. I'll admit that I too didn't really know if we were going to be able to pull off the win. I like to think of myself as cautiously optimistic. In other words, I wanted us to win but I wasn't sure it would happen. I am so pleased with the end result though. Your house sounds a lot like mine right now. Just throw in a car dying and you've got our last couple of weeks. Hang in there. Hope you guys get to feeling better soon.

  2. That bedding is too cute! Love it.


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