Wednesday, February 15, 2012

8 Months

Photo Feb 13, 12 24 36 PM
You are 8 months old, Finn!  This month you finally made the connection between moving your hands and your feet, and you started to crawl! It only took you a few days to gain lots of speed, and now you can be out of a room in the blink of an eye.  So, this is my view most of the time these days…
Photo Feb 07, 2 32 03 PM
You especially love to crawl over to a floor vent and let the air blow on your face until it takes your breath away. And then you usually follow that up by trying to chew on a cord. You are a little predictable.

You still have no teeth, but the drool is coming full force. Your hair has really started to come in, and it’s pretty dark.  I’m anxious to see if it lightens up any, since your sister and brother both had blond hair as babies.  And Grayson still does!

You are still eating well, as is obvious since you are now almost entirely in 12 month clothes. You love all fruit, sweet potatoes, and chicken noodle and veggies. And you will chow down on some puffs. It’s pretty funny to watch you go after them, shoving them in your mouth.
Photo Feb 01, 11 00 03 AM
I have also given you bananas and grapes in a mesh feeder, and you were all over it. When it comes to food, you are all business.

We seem to have finally gotten the nap thing down! You nap in the mornings and the afternoon for about an hour and a half each.  Then you are down for the night at 7 each night. 
Photo Feb 14, 12 23 28 PM
You are such a happy boy!  It’s so awesome to watch you explore and learn!  Happy 8 months, Finn!

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