Tuesday, April 3, 2012

9 Months

Finn, you are 9 months old! Actually, you’ve been 9 months old for two and a half weeks, but as always, I’m behind.

Photo Apr 02, 3 03 23 PM

You are a mess! And yes, that is a huge drool spot on the couch. Your drooling problem has not calmed down any. You are pulling up on everything, and you’ve started slowly cruising around the furniture. I have a feeling you might start walking before your first birthday. You are quite the overachiever since neither your brother or sister pulled up or crawled nearly as early as you.

Photo Apr 02, 3 03 28 PM

An area you are not overachieving in is teeth.  You are still holding strong at 2. You do not let that slow you down when it comes to eating. You will eat anything you can get your hands on, whether it’s edible or not.
You speak your own language, although we work every day on saying Mama. You just laugh and show me your dimple when I try to get you to say it.

Photo Apr 02, 3 03 35 PM

You absolutely refuse to drink out of a sippy cup. We’ve tried several, and it’s a no-go.  Not surprisingly, you love your bottle.  You get so excited when you see someone with one, and you crawl as fast as your pudgy little legs will go to get to it.

You still sleep great both at night and during your two naps a day. You and Grayson really are awesome roommates.  I hope it’s always that way!

You weigh 23 pounds, wear a size 4 diaper and wear some 12 month, some 18 month and some 24 month clothes.

Photo Apr 02, 3 03 49 PM

You are truly a joy, John Finley! I love watching you discover new things, but if you could slow down this whole growing up thing, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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  1. He's too cute!! Noah had his very first tooth peek through on the day he turned nine months, so tell him no pressure.


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