Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Huntin’

We started our Easter celebration a little early by hunting eggs this past weekend at my dad’s church. 


My kids are not competitive in the least.  About anything, least of all hunting eggs.  They could not care less whether or not they found the most eggs. I’m pretty sure Grayson never even realized anyone else was hunting eggs other than him.


He was really only concerned about what kind of prize was in each egg. He stopped after each find to either shake it or just go ahead and open it up to make sure it was worth the place in his basket.


I’m really sorry if that happens to be one of your loved ones’ graves that Grayson is picking Easter eggs off of.  There wasn’t a whole lot of open area to hide in.


As is customary in all our outdoor pictures, Abby has a case of the squints.  Bless her heart, somebody introduce that girl to some sunglasses.


The older kids’ eggs were a little better hidden in knee-deep weeds. It makes me want to sneeze just looking at it. Fortunately, Abby seems not to have inherited the allergy issues that plaque the rest of the family.


She was less concerned about the prizes in the eggs.  She wanted to find real eggs so she could eat them. Really. That girl loves a boiled egg.  Fortunately, only plastic eggs were hidden this year.


Finn got to enjoy the hunt as well, safe in the arms of Pop. And Pop got a workout carrying that load of sweetness around all morning.


I think they found one.

Shortly after this, Finn got to experience his first fried apple pie, and I’m pretty sure his life is forever changed for the better.  Seriously, the fried pie might be the world’s most perfect food.

It was a great morning, and completely worth the lack of naps that we had to endure for it. An awesome way to kick off an awesome season!

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