Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a jam-packed Easter weekend.  But not in a “whew, why did we say we’d do all this?” kinda way, more in a “we have a four day weekend, let’s make the most of it” kinda way.

Saturday morning, the older kids and I dyed eggs while Finn napped. And yes, Grayson is still in his pajamas.  He might have worn them all day.  Don’t judge.

Photo Apr 07, 9 07 00 AM

We made it into a little science experiment.  We had half brown eggs and half white eggs, and we wanted to see which ones dyed better.

Photo Apr 07, 9 07 12 AM

We thought the winner was the brown eggs.  They are the smaller ones in this picture.  What do you think?

After the  kids went to bed, I got their Easter baskets ready.  We don’t really “do” the Easter bunny.  It’s not like we’ve ever told them there was or wasn’t such a thing.  We just don’t really talk about it at all.  Anyway, they know their Easter baskets come from us.

Photo Apr 07, 9 25 47 PM

Clearly, the Hello Kitty Squinkies were a big hit. 

Photo Apr 08, 6 31 45 AM

Finn didn’t really understand why I stuck a big bucket of stuff in front of him.

Photo Apr 08, 6 33 42 AM

Then he looked in it.

Photo Apr 08, 6 33 45 AM

And immediately went for the snacks. That boy likes to eat.

Photo Apr 08, 6 33 48 AM

Grayson, as always, was our late sleeper, so he was the last to get his basket. But he was really excited that he got the Spiderman Squinkies that he asked for as a gift for his fifth birthday. Which isn’t until October. We are all very relieved that we will not have to hear about how much he wants them from now through October.

Photo Apr 08, 7 45 04 AM

I love that sleepy face!

Photo Apr 08, 7 45 16 AM

Then we all got ready and headed to church. Here are the kids all dolled up in their Easter frocks.

Photo Apr 08, 9 03 06 AM

After church, we ate lunch at my parents’ house.  I made deviled eggs.  And promptly left them at home. Thankfully, we live about a quarter of a mile up the road from my parents’, so Burge ran back to get them.  Then he gave me the best compliment he could have given me… he said my deviled eggs tasted just like his Mawmaw’s.  Who doesn’t want their food to be on the same playing field as Mawmaw’s?

The kids hunted Easter eggs for the third time this year, and it would be great if I had pictures of that.  However, I also forgot the camera along with the deviled eggs. I didn’t even have my phone with me to take pictures.

Then we came home and foolishly thought the kids might take a nap. That didn’t really happen, so we watched the last several hours of the Masters and became Bubba Watson fans.  Did you know he owns a General Lee? That coupled with the fact he’s called Bubba and he openly wept over his new baby on national television makes me a fan of his for life. Unless he pulls a Tiger Woods.

It was a great weekend to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior!

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