Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Friday

I love this time of year! Of course, the Easter season is reason to celebrate all on its own for any Christian, but I also love that it’s spring.  Everything is in bloom and feels fresh and new. Add that to school being out and Burge being off work for Good Friday, and you have the makings of an awesome day!

Photo Apr 06, 10 07 54 AM

Abby and I started it off by getting manicures and pedicures.  Well, I had a manicure and pedicure, she decided at the last minute that she really didn’t want anyone rubbing on her very ticklish feet (Thank goodness I thought to warn her!), so she just had her fingernails and toenails painted.  And spent about 30 minutes in the massage chair.  Really, the only reason she wanted a pedicure was to be able to sit in the massage chair, so it all worked out.

Photo Apr 06, 4 12 03 PM

It’s just about impossible to get a picture of Grayson in which he is still. Mainly because he is never still. That boy has an awful lot of energy.  I wish he would share some with me!

Photo Apr 06, 4 12 20 PM

We decided to continue our Good Friday with an early dinner at Cracker Barrel.  When you go out to eat with three kids, early dinners are your friend.  There’s not usually a wait, and there’s fewer people to annoy.

Photo Apr 06, 4 12 36 PM

We had a reason to celebrate.  That girl right up there received a letter in the mail that she is being honored at the Academic Banquet at school this year.  She works really hard to get good grades and be the best student she can be, and we are super proud of this accomplishment! She’s pretty proud too… I think she may frame the letter!

Photo Apr 06, 5 31 33 PM

We continued the celebration at the new frozen yogurt place in Fort Payne, The Freeze.  It was so good! I see lots more trips there in our future!

Photo Apr 06, 5 31 45 PM

Finn got to partake in some fro-yo goodness too.  He liked it so much that if I took longer than he deemed necessary to give him his next bite, he’d lean out of his stroller and give me a whack on the leg.

Photo Apr 06, 5 31 50 PM


It was a perfectly wonderful day and a great way to kick off the Easter weekend!

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