Friday, April 6, 2012

Pinterest Wreath, Take 2

You may remember a little Pinterest project I tackled a few months ago… this wreath.  I still dig it, but I kind of wanted something a little more spring-like and less Christmas-y.  So, I hit up Pinterest again, and found this little beauty…

I made a Hobby Lobby run, armed with a 40% coupon, naturally, for burlap, a foam wreath and some tulle. And one afternoon during nap, I set out to make it.

I feel the need to interject a word of caution here.  Burlap is a very fibrous fabric.  It sheds.  A lot. And if you happen to be the type of person who likes to get your craft on while sitting in the floor watching Real Housewives, and if you happen to spend the majority of your days in yoga pants, you might find your pants looking something like this by the time you are finished cutting out all the little squares required for this project.

Photo Mar 14, 1 20 10 PM

The burlap. It sheds. Be warned.

Anyhoo, before Vicki from the OC could let out a “Woo-hoo!”, I had whipped up this little puppy.  Seriously, this was ridiculously quick and easy.  And cheap. Way under $10.

Photo Mar 14, 1 20 49 PM

I heart it.  A lot.

Photo Mar 14, 1 20 59 PM


Pinterest: the place where crafty dreams come true.

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