Monday, January 7, 2013

Drugs, Shots, and Other Fun Stuff

It’s been a week since I started treatment for my cancer, and I feel great! No, really!

To give a (brief) breakdown, here’s how this treatment plan works. I have two medications that I have to take everyday by mouth… 4 HUGE pills and a little bitty pill.  I have to take these on an empty stomach, so I take them at night before I go to bed.  Goodbye, bedtime snack! So, that’s a win-win situation. :) I have one medication that has to be given by IV, and I go to Birmingham every three weeks for that infusion.  I also see my doctor every time I go for this, to check for weird side effects and also for her to physically check the size of the tumor.  We are praying for no growth for sure, but for there to be obvious evidence that it’s shrinking! The fourth medicine I am taking is a shot that I have to have every four weeks.  I use the term shot very loosely.  It is a very large needle, or so I’m told.  I didn’t actually see it, because I know me, and it’s just better that my eyes stay averted. I do, however, know that when you have to have a shot to deaden the area where you are getting the shot, it’s no joke. This is, BY FAR, the worst part of the treatment plan. And it’s not that bad at all!

As far as side effects go, my stomach has been a little upset, but that is completely controlled by over the counter meds.  I felt a little out of sorts the first few days.  And I have a little dry skin. That’s it! I know that things could get worse as time goes on, especially when the hormone blockers really get to doing their job.  But I am praising God that I feel good right now! I almost feel “too good”.  Like, this medication can’t be effective if it’s not making me feel really crummy.  How’s that for looking for things to worry about? :) I just try to remind myself that God led me to this study, so He has a plan for it!

God is so good! I know I harp on this a lot, but when I sit and think about how things are working out , I get so overwhelmed! I have complained a lot about how bad our insurance has gotten over the years. But compared to a lot of others and especially compared to having NONE, it’s pretty awesome, and I am SO THANKFUL that we have it!  Because of it, I’m able to go to UAB and have this particular set of doctors.  Because I have these particulars doctors at this hospital, I’m able to be a part of this study and get these medications. Because I’m able to take these medications, I’m able to keep my normal routine and feel good, with minimal side effects. Who could orchestrate all that to work out but our amazing God?!? I am so blessed to have Him walking before me, working out all the details!  Makes me want to shout a little. :)

I will be on this drug regimen for 24 weeks, so your prayers are still greatly appreciated.  The number one prayer being that these drugs work and that the tumor not only stops growing, but starts shrinking!