Friday, February 1, 2013

An Overdue Update

So, I am way late on posting this.  But, no news is good news! I have been BUSY the past few weeks, which means I am TIRED! Just to keep it real, I can tell that I don’t have quite the energy that I used to have.  But nothing that I can’t deal with.  It’s just irritating to me to see stuff that needs to be done and not really feel like doing it.

Anyway, I had my second infusion of Herceptin last week, and my second shot of Zoladex this week.  Both of those went really well. While I wouldn’t classify either of those as fun, the infusion, at least, is not horrible. I sit in a recliner with a pillow and a heated blanket. It’s actually pretty relaxing. If I wasn’t so worried about snoring and drooling, it would be a great time to take a nap. Alas, I do worry about snoring and drooling, so no naps for me.

I had an appointment with my doctor and the research coordinator for the study before the infusion, like I will at every appointment.  This is to keep any side effects in check and also to do a physical exam to look for any changes.  Well, this time there were changes to be found.

My doctor checked my right side and stopped. Then she checked my left side and stopped. She looked at me and verified that the mass was in the right side.  I told her yes, but I couldn’t find it either. :)  The original mass that I found had shrunk so much in three weeks that it was almost unnoticeable! That, my friends, is God moving more mountains!

There is still the “thickness”, as the doctor referred to it, behind the mass where the tumor had branched out, but we are headed in the right direction! The doctor and the research coordinator were both shocked that it had shrunk so much in such a short amount of time.  But we weren’t! God is so, so faithful! And we just stand in awe of His power and grace!

So, I’ll take a little bit of fatigue and whatever other side effects I have to deal with to keep getting results like that.

Thank you all so much for all your prayers!  We have no doubt that God hears them and is answering them!  With that in mind, keep them up! Please help us pray that God will continue to knock out the cancer, and the doctors will continue to be shocked. :) Pray for our endurance… we are 4 weeks into a 24 week process, and then we deal with surgery and radiation, so the road is still long. God is walking before us, preparing the way, and we are thankful for the evidence of that.  We just have to keep our eyes focused above, and let Him handle the rest!


  1. You are taking this all just as I thought that you would. You are a walking Blessing and soon to be a walking Miracle. This time next year you will be stopping old friends in the grocery store to share the news of your miracle. In the meantime, embrace the clutter and the dust until you are ready to put your pride aside and ask for

  2. Wow! All God :) Herceptin is a breeze for the most part. Praying that the good continues to far outweigh any bad!


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