Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Next Step

I figured that I had better post a quick update as we sit here at the hospital, waiting to do some pre-op stuff. I'm having surgery tomorrow! I finished up the clinical study two weeks ago, and we met with the surgeon last week. No one, me included, wanted to put this off any longer, so tomorrow morning I will have a mastectomy.

They will only take the right side at this time, and then after all treatment is completed, I will have the left side taken and reconstruction done.  Yes, I will most likely have more treatment done after the surgery. I am scheduled to begin another round of chemotherapy on July 30, and then radiation will probably follow.  I am fine with that because I want to do whatever is necessary to make sure this is gone for good!

I'm really not scared or anxious (yet!), so please pray that I continue not to be! And I'd also really appreciate it if you'd pray that God uses this surgery to get ALL the cancer out of my body! For good, 
preferably! Also pray for Burge and my family and the kids (this is Finn's first night away from home). 

God is going before us and is right here with us, and as we discussed in Sunday school this morning, what then do I have to fear?